Welcome to Girl Fight Brand!

Welcome to Girl Fight Brand and cheers to the first blog entry on this rainy quarantine day in what is normally sunny Southern California!

So many people have asked what Girl Fight Brand stands for. In this initial post, I wanted to share the sentiment behind it. Girl Fight Brand was created with love by me, the founder, Sapna Gandhi. This is not a boxing brand, a fighting brand, or an excuse to get physically violent with another woman. This is also not a burning of bras or letting all your body hair grow out type of brand. Though, it is your prerogative if you want to do that! This brand stands for empowerment, and what that word means for every woman or for that matter every person on this earth. It represents people who empower others, or feel empowered to take on something nominal or even trivial in their own lives. It represents women with goals whether it be in education, career, motherhood, relationships, travel, fitness, or anything else that may be important in each of our lives. It represents the female population who rise above their personal struggle, the ones who think they are weak, and the ones who are filled with strength.

Every woman has something inside of them, that inner voice and drive to 'FIGHT' for something greater. This brand was built on that drive and desire. It's a place for women to support each other in their objectives, because with only 24 hours in a day, we can't do everything alone. Girl Fight Brand is a lifestyle, a movement and a form of inspiration and motivation to love one another and achieve our dreams together.

We, as women need to stick together, and why wouldn't you want to? I hope you'll join me in this GIRL FIGHT to empower each other and do our part to change this world! 

For ideas, inquiries, or collaboration, please email support@girlfightbrand.com or drop leave a comment below.

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  • I LOVE this! Congratulations on the sentiment behind your brand.


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