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  • Combat Quarantine Cabin Fever

    If any of you are like me, it’s finally hitting you that we are in week 5 of quarantine and what feels like no end in sight. There is a mix of emotions that comes along with this, frustration, restlessness, anxiety…fear. Most of us are missing human interaction, and forcing ourselves to have strength. Just to be clear, IT’S OK to feel what you’re feeling, you are not alone.

    There are so many great resources and options to help us combat boredom and all the things we are feeling.

    First thing and one of the most important, stay in contact with people. Check on loved ones, FaceTime, Zoom chat, pick up the phone as much as you can. Tell people in your lives that you are thinking about them and loving them from a far. It may not be a personal, physical interaction, but virtual interaction is better than no interaction. What you give, you will receive in abundance.

  • Welcome to Girl Fight Brand!

    So many people have asked what Girl Fight Brand stands for. In this initial post, I wanted to share the sentiment behind it.

    Girl Fight Brand was created with love by me, the founder, Sapna Gandhi. This is not a boxing brand, a fighting brand, or an excuse to get physically violent with another woman. This is also not a burning of bras or letting all your body hair grow out type of brand.